Thursday, August 18, 2005

After twisting my ankle in a stupid accident, I've been laid up for a while, reading a lot, playing video games, and just wasting time, since I've really felt apathetic regarding politics lately. But the Cindy Sheehan protest outside Bush's ranch has recently perked up my interest. Today I wake up to this:

In U.S. heartland, anxiety over Iraq, oil

Soldier's Mother Inspires Protests Across U.S.

Not to mention the Global Warming trip by Republicans like Snowe and McCain, the criminal charges against the Republican Ohio Governor, DeLay lover and lobbyist Abramoff indicted, the Plame affair about to blow, reports of 9-11 screw ups by Pentagon lawyers, and whole shit-load of other neo-con heartburn fuel, and I feel much, much better.

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