Wednesday, March 30, 2005

WesPAC | Securing America

I started posting to the Daily Kos lately and was impressed to see that Gen. Wes Clark is one of the few potential presidents who is openly supported. In fact, up to now, he's the only one. While I've been a Clark Supporter for a long time (I'm an Arkansan who lives in LA now, soon to move to NY), I'm new to the Daily KOS, but Armando, one of the KOS regulars and best, often suggests General Clark should run. And when you read the comments left on Armando's posts, you'll see lots of people who agree with him.

Everyone who reads this should go to a lefty blog and leave a comment that supports Wes Clark. Make your comment topical and work the Clark comment into the flow. Make links to Wes Clark using HTML. Make his name link [to]. OR make the words potential president link to here. More links to General Clark can be one of our first strategic moves on the internet.

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