Friday, March 11, 2005

House Ethics Panel in Gridlock

Just another speed bump in Tom DeLay's NASCAR-speed run through the ethics regulations of the US House. For Tom DeLay, the real meat is, and always will be, back home in Texas, where the crimes he's "allegedly" committed could pile up high enough to throw his ass out of office. At the very least, his next election will be even more interesting than the last.

DeLay always depended on big money to dupe the brainwashed Texans in his Houston X-urb district (drawn up just for him), and now he's fucked with his bread and butter. Lobbyists are going to think twice before dumping cash in his lap. He will still get piles of cash, but there will be increased scrutiny on every dime. This will make it harder to out spend his opponent 10 to 1 like he did in 04. In the mean time, Richard Morrison is continuing his campaign against DeLay.

And here is a chance for Democrats in the Dean age to show DeLay our new trick. There is no reason why any congressman in any district should ever have to take money from any corporate interest that is anti-consumer or anti-environment. Thanks to Dean's fundraising prowess through the internet, we now have a chance to raise money for any candidate directly from the people. I encourage anyone listening to send Richard Morrison $11.11 and donate anything you can to the DNC. Pennies in a pile...

I've become a grassroots member of the DNC at $10 a month.

And if you're wondering why I think it's so important to go after this red-neck SOB who managed to lie and cheat his way to the majority leader position of the People's House, I have one quote from the Hammer himself:
"It has never been proven that air toxics are hazardous to people."--Quoted in Houston Chronicle 10-28-90

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