Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Bush Diaries: A Dinner Party, Among Friends

I just had to link to this post, because I couldn't resist commenting on it. Read my comments there. I agree with Peter that the left needs to stop arguing with ourselves. But we shouldn't just cave in to these right wing attacks that are really the reason we lose. We just don't attack Republicans the way they attack us. And that's a shame, because we have more creative people on our side. While we look for a leader who can articulate a progressive vision in a way that a majority of people will vote for (John Edwards, Hillary?), we need to do to them what they do to us. We need to define them as the hypocritical assholes they are. And when we start to do that, it will be obvious that they can dish it out, but they can't take it.

Nobody wants to vote for a wuss. And that's what we are if we don't get right back in the faces of those who lie about us and slander us. How can you expect Americans, who want someone to stand up for them (against terrorists and greedy CEOs), to vote for a party that won't stand up for itself?

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