Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Birth of Neo-Gonzo:

Bush is really the evil one here and it is more than just him. We are the Nazis in this game and I don't like it. I am embarrassed and I am pissed off. I mean to say something. I think a lot of people in this country agree with me - a lot than that are saying anything...we'll see what happens to me if I get my head cut off next week -- it is always unknown or bushy-haired strangers who commit suicide right afterwards with no witnesses.—Hunter S. Thompson
That's just one of the quotes at my new Hunter S. Thompson Blog, where I've been posting quotes, links, and pictures this week, as we prepare for the event of the century, Hunter S. Thompson's ashes being shot out of a cannon. They'll load it up, packing it with black powder, his ashes, a big wad of paper, and light the fuse, and the agony of the burn, the waiting will drag for an eternity until BANG what's left of the Gonzo poet will mix with fire and smoke and acceleration in the clean, crisp Colorado air, where it will hang for the rest of time.

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