Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Salmon and Steelhead May Lose Protections: "...typical of this administration—ignore science, ignore sound economics and ignore the law."

That quote, from Nicole Cordan of Save Our Wild Salmon, nicely sums up the Bush administration philosophy on practically everything. When it comes to the environment, however, no administration in history has so blatantly disregarded science and common sense to help their campaign contributors. While many in the environmental community rage about the oil, coal, chemical, and other polluting industries that are helped by the Bush Junta, this particular bit of bad science is a big help to one of the lesser mentioned Friends of Bush: Real Estate Developers. And all you Arnold voters who like to remind me that he's an environmentalist, take note of this story. Because one of Arnold's biggest special interests (oh, wait, only unions and Indian Casinos are special interests to Arnold) are real estate developers.

Where are all the outdoorsmen who voted for Bush on this issue? You schmucks were so proud of yourselves for getting Bush to change his wetlands policy (which he didn't really do), now where are you? He doesn't need your vote anymore, so fuck you. Funny, that's how I feel about you, too. Until you start voting for real environmentalists, you're going to keep getting fucked like this, so break out the PETROLEUM jelly.

While environmentalist groups are going to fight these attacks on wildlife and habitat, there is little we can do. We had a chance to elect a true environmentalist in Kerry, and 136,000 red necks in Ohio decided to believe the Republican lies about Kerry wanting to ban the Bible, repeal the second amendment, and force gay marriage on people. Big Lies, indeed, and proof that at least half of Americans are dumb-ass rednecks who care more about their bigoted beliefs than the truth. Now where you gunna fish, Cletus?

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