Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Jerry Orbach

Jerry was well liked by practically everyone he worked with. He was, despite being a big star of stage, film and television, an average Joe. He always thanked the crew. He would talk to anyone. He reportedly took the buses and subways in Manhattan, where he lived.

When I was doing Lion King in Los Angleles, Danny Rutigliano (who played Timone), a good friend of Jerry's, often spoke well of him, and how they were off to play golf together. I've heard through my stagehand friends downtown here in LA that while he was doing Chicago at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion he would have a beer with the guys after the show and play pool, which he was quite good at. He was, I'm sad to say, a dying breed. Here's a quote from him as Detective Lenny Briscoe that seems fitting now, on this day of his passing.

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