Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Response to some poem about a cold soldier that goes around every year

Happy crappy. What the hell are they defending me from? Honest government? Non-threats? Backwards poor people who's electricity was working too well? Press coverage of domestic problems? A job glut? An over-bloated dollar? All while the real threats were getting worse? All that BS about troops defending me from the horrible bad guy, be it us speaking Russian if we didn't stop North Vietnam, or finding Iraqi WMD by looking for a mushroom cloud over Manhattan, it's bullshit. No American soldier has defended freedom since WWII. Korea, Nam, Iraq, Grenada, Panama? Nope. No threats to us. No threats to freedom. Lots of people dead for nothing. Dead soldiers. Dead children, mothers, fathers, sisters, sons, grandparents. For what? Neo-con global domination? Oil? Israel?

Fuck Christmas.

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