Monday, July 12, 2004

RE: Counterpunch: 9/11 signals new era for documentaries

David Macaray does a great disservice to people like Michael Moore and Al Franken, who, in contrast to Limbaugh or Coulter, actually check their facts. I dare Macaray to list the half truths of his targets on the left, as Franken does to the right in his book. Had Macaray bothered to read Al Franken's book, he'd know it's full of lists of the lies from the right (hence the title). And, if Macaray would bother to go to Michael Moore's web site, he would see an honest defense of every fact in his movie. And his defense, like Franken's book, is much more factual and less venomous than anything Ann Coulter has ever written. In the future battle of documentaries (as if it hadn't started when Jerry Falwell made a film about Clinton's supposed murders and drug trafficking), perhaps the American public will benefit from seeing which side is for truthful, honest, good-hearted debate, and which side is for lying, vicious attacks.

Touché, David Macaray.

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