Tuesday, July 06, 2004


The Republican Goon squads were out immediately with their hypocritical criticisms of John Edwards. They say he doesn't have any experience. Hmmm. Like George W Bush didn't when he ran for President? Or Like Danny Boy Quaile? John Edwards says, "I think most people in this country actually think not having spent your whole life in politics is a good thing." That's funny, I think W said something like that too....

They attack him for being a trial lawyer, but that didn't work for Lauch Faircloth, the incumbent Republican Senator Edwards defeated in 1998. Most of Edward's cases were defending ordinary citizens who had been harmed by greedy corporations. Some of the cases, like a little girl who lost most of her intestines when she say on a pool drain with a defective cover, are heart wrenching and enough to make you want to punch any Republican who screams about tort reform and trial lawyers. I'll settle for pointing out that a General Accounting Office study said limiting malpractice suits has a negligible impact on the cost of malpractice insurance. In fact, in California, it actually helped increase rates!

Edwards has some good ideas on reforming the malpractice insurance world, starting with the insurance companies who really screw it up. Check out the Malpractice Caps section of this story in the Washington Post: Senator John Edwards on the Issues.

My favorite Edwards quote would make a good bumper sticker: "George Bush has a health care plan - pray you don't get sick."

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