Friday, July 02, 2004


Over 300,000 people entered the workforce last month. Only 112,000 jobs were created. And Bush tells us that's strong job growth. Here's the part of the story not everyone might have read: "In a separate report, the Labor Department said Friday that factory employment declined by 11,000 jobs in June after increasing by 75,000 in the previous four months."

Hey, W, all these jobs you're giving us suck! Limbaugh and all his ditto asses will call me a whiner for this, but you're damn right I'm going to whine when you spit in my hand and call it mint jelly. "They're jobs!" resident ditto head Mark Luther said on Al Franken's show. Hey, Mark, you want any of those jobs? How good are you at flipping burgers or changing bed pans? Hell, I'd pay to see Rush change a bed pan.

I got a new John Kerry hat yesterday. Best baseball cap I ever owned. Union made in America. Guess where some of the Bush-Cheney gear is made? Burma. That's right. Bush banned imports from Burma, because of their civil rights record, and then broke his own law.

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