Friday, June 25, 2004

Show us yer yarbles, if ya got any yarbles...

I got so upset during Fahrenheit 9/11, I wanted to smack George W Bush upside the head. I wanted to strap his smug ass into a chair, pry his eyes open Clockwork Orange like, and force him to vidie the movie over and over until he begged to be forgiven.

It's sad to think that he won't watch it, because he doesn't have any yarbles, the unic jelly.

It was so nice to sit in a theater surrounded by people who I knew thought like me, or at least would by the end of the movie. I urge everyone to grab someone who's ever told you voting doesn't make a difference and drag them to see this movie.

Dare your conservative friends to see it. Dare them to argue the facts, because they can't. They can argue the tone, they can say it's an unfair attack (remind them of all the unfair attacks Republicans make all the time, hell they have a whole network for it, remind them of Dick Cheney on the Senate floor yesterday saying "Go Fuck Yourself" to Sen. Leahy), but they can't argue the facts.

I dare any Bush lover to tell the soldier who says he's going to work hard for the Democratic party (after being a Republican for a long time) a terrorist. Because, like the idiots in front of the Disney Hall yesterday, they just love to say you love Al Qaeda if you don't love Bush. I'd like to see the fat frat puke who told me my union needed me to beat up old ladies call that young soldier a terrorist sympathizer. I'd love to see the redneck who screamed "FUCK YOU" in my face do the same thing to that soldier.

And most of all, I'd like to see George W Bush, like he did today in a contentious Irish TV interview by Carol Coleman, say to Lila Lipscomb, who's son, Sergeant Michael F. Pederson, died in Iraq after sending home a letter saying how furious he was at Bush, that no one feels more for the dead soldiers than he does.

What an asshole.

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