Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Dolphin Walked Away

I wore my George W Bush the Bankruptcy President shirt (The W is the Enron E on it's side, I got it from to work today. Good thing. I forgot that tonight is the Kerry Fundraiser next door at the Disney Hall (I'm working at the Mark Taper Forum). I went across the street to the "free speech zone" where an idiot was dressed up as a dolphin, complete with Flipper signs, you know, calling Kerry a flip-flopper. So, I went right up to the Dolphin and the Flipper sign carrier, and started listing George Bush's flip flops. The Dolphin walked away.

He was replaced by a red neck who was quite angry at me. I was trying to talk to the woman with the bull horn who said I was just as bad as the terrorists because I wasn't supporting the president. That's the one I hate the most, and I went off. I said "do you think I'd bother yelling at you idiots if I hated my country? A few more of them started yelling at me, one guy kept saying to ignore me. Then the bull horn bitch started saying Al Qaeda was waiting for me, whatever that means. I'm not sure exactly what I said at that point, but before I knew what was happening, the redneck was in my face saying "FUCK YOU" over and over as loud as he could. Nice Dick Cheney impersonation. We were chest to chest with me daring him to do something stupid in front of the cops, who were now on their way over, but one of the other Bush lovers convinced him to ignore me.

As I was walking away, the camera crew that had been covering the pitiful little group of fascists chased me down and asked me to say something for the camera, which I did, I don't exactly remember what, something about being sick of people like that. They had me sign a release so I can appear in their trio documentary.

They'll let me know when it airs, and I'll be sure to mention it here.

I had to walk away from work to get away from these rabid fools, so I headed toward MOCA (LA's Museum of Contemporary Art), where there's a Nancy Rubens sculpture of twisted airplane parts. They were having some kind of fundraiser and there was Judge Joe Brown. I told him, when he'd ruled in my favor when I was on his show, that I wanted to shake his hand someday, and I did.

On my way back I stopped and talked with a couple who's son has been in Iraq for 15 months. Great guy. He had a camera and we chatted for minute while he taped it. We traded cards, and I can't seem to find his at the moment. I was a little flabbergasted at the time. I hope he finds me.

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