Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Immigrants filling nearly 3 of 10 new U.S. jobs

Yeah, boy, big time job growth. Craptacular jobs, with little or no benefits, going to non-citizens.
The high proportion of new jobs going to recent immigrants may reflect the fact that the current recovery has thus far been different from most past upturns. In recent months, as overall job growth has begun to improve, most of the new jobs appear to have come in categories that require relatively low skills and pay relatively low wages — the kinds of jobs for which new immigrants are strong competitors. In the past, the early stages of economic recoveries have been marked by growth in industrial jobs that pay above-average wages.
Furthermore, wage growth is far below what one would expect at this point in a "recovery." Of course, in any argument with a ditto head or Cheney lover, you'll just be accused of whining when you bring this up. These right wing nuts have been so desperate for good news on the economy, that when you undercut it, they get really mad and say things like Mark Luther, the resident ditto head on Al Franken's show, said when Al said these were mostly crappy jobs: "That's the problem with you liberals, you love to whine." Up to that point he'd been arguing pretty well for a right winger. But his whole argument came down to how the economy is "roaring along." And when that argument gets cut down with facts like those from the Pew Hispanic Center Report today, it really pisses them off. So, get out there and piss off some right wingers!

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