Sunday, June 23, 2002

Major Crimes Up

Crime rates are rising: Partly because of the bad economy and unemployment; partly because the Bush administration is cutting funding to anti-crime efforts; and partly because class warfare is being waged by the Enron elites on the working people of this country. Until we address the root problem of crime, which is greed, we will not alleviate it. That may never happen in a country where people like Ken Lay can chose and fund the people who regulate their companies. So, we'll have to focus on band aid approaches, like arresting and incarcerating people.
The Bush administration has proposed several reductions in grants and other assistance to state and local law enforcement agencies, including an 80 percent drop in funding for the Community Oriented Policing Services program. The Clinton administration initiative, which aimed to provide funding for 100,000 police officers, has been popular with many local governments but has been criticized by some Republicans as ineffective.
Well, OK. I wonder what the Republicans are planning to stop this problem? Arresting cancer patients for smoking pot? Sending the FBI in to find hookers in New Orleans? C'mon people... We're talking about a president who waved at Stevie Wonder, asked the president of Brazil if he had blacks there too, and TRADED SAMMY SOSA! This man is an idiot, surrounded by greedy, extremist, racist, Nazi thugs. They thrive on crime. Many of them are white colar criminals themselves. But we'd have to let all the marijuana offenders out of jail to make room for these silk suit sap heads.

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