Saturday, June 08, 2002

Hate Mail

I know I'm doing something right when the hate mail comes in. This time it was over the Daschle ad parodies I did. For those of you who don't know, like this idiot who wrote to complain, the Bush administration OK'd ads that the RNC ran in Notth Dakota showing Sadaam Hussein next to Senator Daschle, saying we import oil from IRAQ because Daschle won't let us drill in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge. So, I made a couple of versions that are simple turn-around-is-fair-play.

Bush supports Hussein

Cheney supports Hussein

Of course, what this person doesn't realize is that every bit of hate mail reinforces my drive to do this.
As a viewer of the web, I would like to comment on how anti-American your website is.

Speaking specifically, the pictures asking why we buy oil from this man (Sadaam Hussein) is because Bush, Cheney, and others in the Administration is too busy selling him the equipment and personally benefiting from the transactions. Liberals always accuse Republicans of being scandal tarred with oil. Let's look at the facts. Republicans want to drill in the Alaska, Democrats and other environmentalists won't have it. Because we can't depend on our own land for our nation's needs, we are forced to buy oil from nations who don't share our common interests. If it weren't for Mexico and Russia, post September 11 oil prices would've been unaffordable for the average American family. While I do support new innovations for the conservation of resources, I realize the urgent need to stop depending on OPEC for our supply of oil. We are buying Hussein's weapons of mass destruction for him to use against us... because some empty headed liberals won't wake up. You know, at our rate, there will be no Alaskan Refuge left for us, or the animals, to enjoy after a nuclear attack.

Secondly, don't blame the right, nor President Bush (as you indirectly imply) for the Electoral College system. This wasn't a conservative initiative, it was drafted along with the Constitution. I'm sorry that Al Gore did not win the majority of the votes in the Electoral College, but George Bush is our legitimate President, and if I do say so, he's done a hell of a job so far.
Do you read the news? Bu$h ran ads in North Dakota with Hussein and Daschle side by side. It said why is this man selling us oil? Because Daschle won't let us drill in Alaska. So, you see, I was doing a parody of an attack the Bushies made on a liberal. So, why don't your write the Junta leader and his dog Cheney and tell them how un-American it was of them to compare Daschle to Hussein.

Second, my site is very American. I practice free speech. If you had your way and I wasn't allowed to have my web site, then you would be the un-American one. In fact, that would make you a fascist pig. Wait! You already are! Without dissent, it's not America.

I don't always accuse all Republicans of being tarred with oil. Just the ones who are. And there are some Democrats who are too, like Breaux of Louisiana. Your generalization of liberals shows that you don't care so much about the facts, or the issues, only with showing your hatred of people not like you.

Yes, let's look at the facts. If light trucks were required to get 3 miles better per gallon, that would provide more oil per day than ANWR. All the flags that all the patriotic people put on their cars wasted more oil in aerodynamic loss than ANWR holds.

As for Hussein attacking us with nuclear weapons, well, he doesn't have a missile that can get here, and if he did, that wonderful 60 billion dollar star wars shield will protect us, right? Hussein is not part of OPEC. The countries in OPEC that we do buy oil from are our friends, right? Bush Sr. goes over there and hangs with the Saudi's all the time! They're old friends! And they don't sponsor any terrorism with the money we give them, do they?

Hussein isn't the one you have to worry about. The Bush's, in their greed to get rich off oil and weapons, are much more dangerous.

Oh, and I suggest you take a few classes before you try to argue with me about this stuff. You just come off sounding stupid.

I didn't blame the right for the electoral college. I only said that the fact that red-necks' votes count more than mine is the only way an idiot like Bush could get elected. That and the supreme court, armed cops turning blacks away from polling places in Florida, and a scrub list that wrongly included 50,000 people as felons who weren't.

The most un-American thing I can think of is rigging an election. The people's vote is tantamount to successful Democracy. Apparently, you'd throw out Democracy to get your guy in. Whatever it takes, right?

Real American, asshole. Now go crawl back in your hole.

Fun, isn't it? I just hope you idiot "conservatives" keep on writing, because it's the best way to show what you're all about.

Now, for some serious critique of the neo-conservative hypocracy, read this bit which remembers the Bushies actually making fun of Al Gore wanting to do exactly what Bush has now proposed to do about home land security.

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