Saturday, June 01, 2002

A First Person Account of the White House's Low-watt Logic

Howard Ris, President of the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge, Mass., wrote this account of how the Vice-Resident's energy task force brought environmentalists in late and told them their input wasn't going in the policy. What Mr. Ris writes that most people didn't know is that...
" environmental colleagues and I also made various attempts to meet with another White House task force — this one charged by President [sic] Bush to develop administration policy on climate change, in the wake of the president’s decisions to abandon the Kyoto Protocol and reverse his campaign commitment to couple mandatory reductions of greenhouse gases with other pollutants from fossil fuel power plants. As with the energy task force, our requests to present our ideas and analysis were rebuffed."
None of this should surprise any of us since we know that these guys are about making money for themselves and their friends. Even if it involves cooking the books like Dick Cheney did at Halliburton. Even if it allows more pollution, which actually kills people (of course, more children with asthma and more adults with lung cancer makes the HMOs rich, and they're big Bush donors too). Bush is a terrorist who uses pollution to kill people at home, and weapons built by the Carlyle Group to kill civilians (collateral damage) around the world.

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