Thursday, May 23, 2002

Some days I just feel like giving up

For all my mighty talk of blogging being the new journalism, on days like this, after depressingly close to 40 birthdays, I wonder if any of it makes any difference. I should just give up, and, as I've been told, focus on things closer to home. As if the environment, and all the other issues the Bushies are trashing, weren't "close to home."

The only people who read this send hate mail. Bush will be re-elected while he and his big business cronies destroy the world. For me to think I can make a difference just seems absurd on days like these. Absurd and exhausting. It's days like these when I feel like the guy on "Greatest Police Chases" who, when finally confronted by a cop after a high speed chase, said, "I need a beer."

So, happy birthday. I hope yours goes better than mine.

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