Saturday, May 18, 2002

On Sept. 9, 2001, despite numerous reports of an eminent attack from various agencies, Bush threatened veto of anti-terror money

Of course, this headline hasn't appeared anywhere and won't. I found it buried in a Washington Post story, "‘Something ... going to happen soon’ -- Administration was on alert, but downplayed a savvy foe" by Barton Gellman. The heightened alert was enough for congress to want to divert $600 million from the star wars missle defense scam, er, shield, but the White House threatened a presidential veto.
"As late as Sept. 9, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld threatened a presidential veto when the Senate proposed to divert $600 million to counterterrorism from ballistic missile defense."
Even red-neck, gun-toting, Charlton Heston worshipping, racist assholes I know are saying that at the very LEAST this proves what incompetent boobs are in the Bush administration, and that maybe these guys were a little too busy cutting taxes on millionaires to worry about terrorism.

Angry liberals like me, who would love five minutes with my friends in that hall in Dade county with those pudgy little paid Republican congressional aides turned rioters, are willing to risk Dick Cheney's mysterious threats and take this a little further.

Hey, Dick, you suggested we were unpatriotic for questioning you guys. Well, eat this: I think you guys knew something was going to happen. You knew we were going to be hit. You just didn't think it would be that big (even though your CIA director and the FBI told you it was going to be big). The reason you didn't do anything is because you had this nifty little plan for eradicating the world of Al Qaida. All you needed was an excuse to use it. So you figured, maybe a little high-jacking would be just the thing to make people get behind your pre-planned war on terror. Why try to stop it? The Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Unocal, and Enron would all start making even more money. Carlyle would build the weapons of war, Halliburton would sell oil drilling equipment, Unocal would get their pipline through Afghanistan that you couldn't get from the Taliban, and Enron would get access to the oil and gas in central Asia. As a nifty little by-product, all the idiot people in America would give you sky-high approval ratings and, as long as we didn't catch Bin Laden before then, your re-election would be all but guaranteed (without help from the Supreme Court, Katherine Harris's illegal scrub list, or Florida State Troopers turning black voters away at gun-point).

Well, Dick? You'll have a whole hour with your Republican buddy Tim Russert on Sunday. You guys can make out for a whole hour and talk about how great you are. My friends and I will just keep getting ready for the next Republican funded riot in Florida, because we will never get over it, and we will not let it happen again.

You and Georgie boy are the terrorists, Dick. You've killed more civilians than Bin Laden. You've stolen from the poor and given to the rich. You've kicked children out of shelters, their moms off welfare, and their deaths and disease are on your dirty hands. Hell, Dick, you even voted to force women to have babies in cases of rape, incest, and the mother's life at stake. You sold oil dirlling equipment to Iraq, despite the embargo, and you lied about it. You've agreed to let polluters continue, and even increase their pollution, which directly CAUSES the deaths of tens of thousands Americans EVERY YEAR. You are a crook, a traitor, and if you ever want to answer some tough questions, come talk to me instead of Tim Russert.

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