Sunday, March 17, 2002

Suddenly, it's cool to be rude about Dubya again

This article from the Guardian mentions Bush waving at Stevie Wonder, and suggests that this idiotic manuever by the junta ruler of the free world was the moment we've all been waiting for, the gaffe that makes ridiculing W OK again. Well, I never stopped. This over-grown frat boy, AWOL, coke-head liar needs a lot of Texas justice and some walking papers. If Clinton could be impeached for a blow job, then this fraud should be tried and jailed for his crimes against humanity. I'd like to see the smirk on his face after serving one week in a maximum security prison. At least Daschle and the Democrats managed to stop Pickering when they discovered, just before the committee vote, that he had tried to give a cross-burner less than the mandatory minimum sentance, and then tried to seal the record to cover up his crime. Pay back's a bitch, Senator Lott, and there's going to be plenty more for what you right-wing nuts did to Clinton's nominees. Maybe W, who didn't really spend any capitol on Pickering, got the message: Nominate moderates or they don't get in.

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