Thursday, March 28, 2002

Back from New York, where I didn't hear Bush's red neck stuttering once

The news upon my return from New York is intriguing, to say the least. Not suprising though. Is anyone really suprised that the people who paid to "elect" this guy got to write the energy policy? Is it suprising that the White House left out all the juicy stuff? In the Washington Post story about the energy documents that were (or were not) released, there was this about what should be included while meeting the Freedom of Information Act requests:
"Keep in mind that whatever I get I will have to include with it." Another e-mail about the FOIA requests asked, "Did you want me to include Kyle?" -- an apparent reference to Abraham's chief of staff, Kyle McSlarrow, whose e-mails were not included in the release."
Are those shredders I hear over at Energy? Is Fawn Hall working for Kyle McSlarrow? And, ironically enough, Kyle McSlarrow has experience working for idiots. He was the national chairman for the Quayle 2000 Presidential campaign. Anyone suprised yet? Here's some more unsuprising stuff:
Large donors meeting with Abraham included Duke Energy, which contributed $61,500 in soft money, all to the GOP, according to figures kept by the Center for Responsive Politics. Constellation Energy gave $38,950, all to the GOP. Northeast Utilities contributed $43,580, all but $2,000 to the GOP. UtiliCorp United gave $66,000, all to the Republicans. American Coal Co. gave $20,500, all to the GOP. Kerr-McGee gave $240,350, all but $20,000 to Republicans. Exelon Corp. gave $454,305, 74 percent to the Republicans.
Live it up, boys. Your time is almost over. A vast majority of people in this country are fed up with corporate run politics. You'll have to call out the army if you want to put a Junta like this in power again.

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