Thursday, March 14, 2002

On International Women's Day, Bush Is Murdering Women by Blocking Family Planning Funds

Bu$h has made the UN Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) "a political target. It is withholding $34 million in congressionally authorized funds on the basis of allegations - unproved after several independent investigations - that the UN population fund participates in forced abortion and sterilization in China... [A Senate] panel heard testimony from Josephine Guy, who said she was an investigator for something called the Population Research Institute, a small anti-abortion group based in Virginia... Guy testified that a desk allegedly owned by UNFPA was found at a regional Chinese government family-planning office. 'We photographed the UNFPA office desk which faces - in fact touches - a desk of the Chinese Office of Family Planning,' Guy said. There you have it. The smoking desk. This is the basis for withholding American money from an international aid organization that is, at the moment [and] rebuilding Afghanistan's only maternity hospitals." So writes Newsday's Marie Cocco.

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