Thursday, April 07, 2011

GOP Government Shutdown is All About Beating Obama

The GOP's government shutdown will hurt the economy. The only way a Republican can beat Obama in 2012 is if the economy is in the shitter. Ergo, a standing ovation for shutting down the government.

What does this say about Republicans? That they care more about defeating Obama than they do about a strong American economy. Besides, who does a bad economy affect most? Not the rich people, who are the only people the GOP cares about. They have record amounts of money to sit on. They can ride out the bad times.

I guess I'm an optimist, but it seems like the whole thing is going to backfire on Republicans. Poor and working people (who are more and more poor) can only take so much sadistic bullshit from the Confederate Party that wants to steal their labor.

But beyond that obvious take on the whole thing, lurking under the skin of this GOP shutdown are the real reasons Republicans won't compromise: riders. Democrats may be a pretty spineless bunch, but apparently there's a whole bunch of GOP shit (PDF) they just won't eat attached to this "spending" bill. So, it's good to see them refusing to compromise on Planned Parenthood and the EPA.

Of course, all those riders would actually increase the deficit. But Republicans have never been big on letting any facts or hypocrisy get in their way.

The bottom line though, as always, is the economy. A recovering economy pretty much assures Obama of reelection, so the Confederate Party is going to do everything they can to tank the economy.

Don't worry. Donald Trump will still have millions to spend on his campaign marketing.

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