Monday, April 11, 2011

The Answer to the Debt Ceiling Fight

This (link below) is the best strategy for dealing with the Republicans on the debt ceiling fight. Let the GOP's constituents suffer the consequences. Use the fight to make it clear just what the GOP wants to do to the middle class.

Unfortunately, I doubt anyone at the White House reads Yglesias. What a shame. This fight could be just what we need to show what a cruel bunch of sadists the GOP are for wanting to pay for tax cuts to the rich by screwing the middle class and poor.

in reference to:

"So the right strategy is to start stiffing people Republicans care about. When bills to defense contractors come due, don’t pay them. Explain they’ll get 100 percent of what they’re owed when the debt ceiling is raised. Don’t make some farm payments. Stop sending Medicare reimbursements. Make the doctors & hospitals, the farmers and defense contractors, and the currently elderly bear the inconvenient for a few weeks of uncertain payment schedules."
- Yglesias » A Debt Ceiling Hostage Rescue Strategy (view on Google Sidewiki)

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