Sunday, May 29, 2005

Stage Invades History by David Hare

David Hare's piece in today's LA Times is a great read for anyone interested in recent history and theater. The buzz surrounding his new play, Stuff Happens, which I've been blogging about throughout our production weeks at the Mark Taper Forum, has grown into a steady drone, I would imagine not unlike the sound made by one of our military's predator drones.

Hare explains how the play came to be, and how it became what it is: an amalgum of facts and well researched imaginary goings-on in the halls and offices of the most powerful people on earth. If you can't get to LA to see it, don't worry, it will be in New York soon enough, I would imagine. And you can buy a copy of the Stuff Happens script here.

Also in today's LA Times is a great article about my friend Gordon Davidson, who is directing Stuff Happens. He chose this play as his last, after 38 years as Artistic Director at the Center Theater Group, because he wanted to do something important and timely as his last hurrah. I'd say he's done that, and more. He's an icon of American Theater, and he will be missed. Read what Davidson has to say about Stuff Happens in the Play's Program (pdf).

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