Saturday, May 21, 2005

Finally, Some Meaty Stuff Happens

I just sat through the best scene yet, where Colin Powell takes Bush and Rice to task over the arrogance of the administration in going to war with Iraq, and arrogance and hypocrasy in general. I'm sitting here wishing that this actually happened. Maybe it did. Maybe Powell really did bitch to Bush about how we went to war too quickly without the UN and a real coalition. One thing's for sure, if Powell really did give this moving speech I just heard, Bush still blew him off. It would certainly explain why Powell is no longer in the White House. It would also explain why he's one of the few Republicans I ever liked.

But it doesn't explain why, if he really felt this way, once they failed to get the UN and a real coalition, Powell went along with it. He didn't come out and tell the truth, like Paul O'Neill and Richard Clark did. Maybe it's just the good soldier in him.

And if this is even close to what really happened, then I sure wish Powell had been the president on 9-11 instead of Cheney, er, Bush. But then again, I wish anyone would have been president instead of them.

Great scene.

Oh, and print out the Stuff Happens Discovery Guide before you see the show.

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