Thursday, January 27, 2005

Supak Blogs for Business Blogs

I"m telling all my search engine optimization and web site marketing clinets that they should start blogging. Since content is, and always has been, king on the internet and the search engines, I have always advised my clients to create more of it. Thanks to blogs, that's a lot easier now.

I have been creating content for my clients for years by providing detailed descriptions of their web sites in the links I create to them. While I'm going to continue doing that, they can start doing it for themselves through their business blogs. At the same time, the business blogs will offer more content to their customers and the search engines to enjoy and reward them for. And, their business blogs will provide ideas for me to use when creating more links to them. Plus, their blog, while hosted through an established blogging service, will be a site about their business that links to their business. The symbiosis of having the business site and the blog site linking to each other can only serve to help on the search engines and in sales.

Find out more at "Supak Blogs for Business Blogs."

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