Friday, September 26, 2003

George W Bush - enemy #1

After last night's Democratic debate, MSNBC had a focus group with some Republicans who were upset over Howard Dean calling George Bush the "enemy." In fact, in full Tom "draft-dodger" DeLay form, they said that was treason. I'm not sure if they meant it or were just trying to help Ann Coulter sell her book.

But let's look at the word enemy. If someone is trying to kill you, then they are your enemy. I'm sure the Republicans on pollster Frank Luntz's MSNBC "American Voices" panel would agree. So, when George "Orwell" Bush changes air pollution rules to allow 20,000 premature deaths every year, isn't he at least the enemy to those 20,000 people? And what about the asthma many more children will get? Isn't someone who allows more childhood asthma the enemy of those children and their parents?

Luckily, we live on the west coast, so the weather patterns keep my family out of the fallout pattern. But, like the rest of the country rallied to call terrorists the enemy for 9-11, is it treason to say that Bush is the enemy? No. In fact, based on the pure numbers, he's the biggest enemy.

This takes me back to an argument that flared for a while a few months ago, comparing George Bush to Saddam Hussein. Of course, that was back when the Bushies hadn't stressed that Saddam wasn't involved in 9-11. Well, everyone but Cheney stressed it. I submit that there is very little difference between Saddam and W.

Saddam killed members his political opposition. Poor people are overwhelmingly against Bush. And the 20,000 premature deaths from Bush's air pollution program? There's a lot of poor people in that number. And who lives around the superfund sites that aren't being funded? How many of them will die sooner because the pollution they live near won't, as Bush has mandated, be cleaned up?

Furthermore, how many innocent lives has George Bush caused the death of in Afghanistan and Iraq? How many soldiers will die? And finally, if you believe, as many Americans do, that Bush has done Al Qaida's recruiting for the next 20 years at least, how many Americans are going to die in future attacks that would live had we not attacked Iraq?

George Bush is the enemy. This is not vilification. These are facts. He is reckless and is causing death everywhere we look. That makes him an enemy of the free world, an evil doer, and he should be tried for his crimes against humanity. I only wish I could say it as venomously as Tom DeLay would if Clinton were doing these things.

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