Friday, August 16, 2002

What Bush Really Thinks of Our Union Firefighters

I've been taking a bit of a break out of pure disgust for the Brunch Bushians (from an Arianna Huffington essay in the LA Times that my wife pointed out to me this morning) who just had their own little pep rally with their wacko friends down in Waco. But a New York Daily News story my brother-in-law brought to my attention really pissed me off. In fact, I immediately printed out a copy and distributed it to my co-workers, starting with the NRA members who swore Gore would take away their guns. Yeah. Right. Well, the price of voting based on this misinformation is coming due.
The International Association of Firefighters caused a furor yesterday by voting unanimously to consider boycotting President Bush's October speech honoring the 343 FDNY personnel who died in New York.

The umbrella group for the nation's firefighter unions is furious that Bush cut $340 million in funding last week, some of which would have improved outdated radio equipment - a key reason so many firefighters didn't hear warnings to get out of the twin towers Sept. 11.
I guess Bush doesn't have any buddies who make high tech radio gear for firefighters. If, for example, the Carlyle Group made these radios, I guarantee there'd be plenty of "your money," as W likes to put it, to go around. Be sure to read the whole story about Bush cutting funding for firefighters. The last little bit of hypocrisy is typical Republican BS.

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