Thursday, August 01, 2002

Just hours after signing it, Bush waters down the new Corporate Fraud law

Bush spokeswoman Claire Buchan said the White House views the provision as shielding whistle-blowers from company retaliation only if they talk to a congressional committee “in the course of an investigation.” The protections would not apply when evidence is provided to individual lawmakers or aides, she said.
Even Republicans were dismayed by this blatant effort to water down the new law, which will, of course, slip under the national radar, like all the other sneaky back-room deals from the Bushies.
Our intention is to protect any whistle-blower who exposes wrongdoing to an individual member of Congress, a congressional committee, a media outlet or any other public entity. Whistle-blowers need full protection. Otherwise they won’t come forward. Problems won’t see the light of day.”—Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa
If anybody actually thought this President would do anything to hurt his CEO buddies, read the last entry directly below, from the only socialist member of congress.

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