Saturday, December 15, 2001

Trickle Down Economics still doesn't work

Apparently gun loving red-necks and abortion hating religious fanatics don't care if Shrub drives this economy into the ground giving away billions to his rich buddies. Now they're comparing Daschle to Hussein (real compassionate) for blocking oil wells in the ANWR, and calling him obstructionist because he wants a stimulus bill that actually helps ordinary people who were actually hurting. By hurting, we mean they can't pay their health insurance, can't buy food, can't make the mortgage. Apparently, Bush means can't get that new SUV, can't take the vacation to Europe, or can't move into a bigger million dollar house. Let's take a look at today's AP story where Daschle shurgs off shrubs bullshit. After mentioning that the study Daschle quoted, from Bush's own labor department (which is run by union hating, working people despising, elitist Republican business woman Elaine Chow) said every dollar spent on unemployment benefits puts $2.15 back into the economy, the story continues:
Bush had a study of his own, a two-page white paper [all they could write or all Bush can read?] produced by his Council of Economic Advisers [rich white guys who are good friends of the Resident who pretty much write what they tell them to] that said, without offering detail [sic, because there is no detail for these lies]:
       “The baseline impact of failure to enact the president’s stimulus package is to lower economic growth by roughly half a percentage point [roughly?] between the fourth quarter of 2001 and the fourth quarter of 2002, largely [largely?] due to the loss of investment incentives and accelerating the marginal tax rate [Again, they offered no details or proof for these claims, but, hey, redneck NRA members wouldn't read it anyway].”
       This slower economic growth — less than what private forecasters already anticipate in an economic recovery early next year — will prevent an estimated [Estimated by whom, these right wing assholes who make up stats to support their position because facts won't do it?] 300,000 private-sector jobs from being created, the advisers said. [How many jobs would be created by the 2.15 to one boost the labor bepartment says you get from unemployment insurance?]
       Bush’s proposals for expanded tax deductions on new business investments and for speeding up reduction of the 27 percent tax rate paid by most middle-income families will spur business owners and entrepreneurs to expand operations and hire new workers... [How can they expand operations and hire new workers if no one is buying their goods or services?].
This is trickle down economics again, people. Don't let your love of guns or your hatred of abortion cloud the fact that this man doesn't give a damn about your issues. He only appeases you so you will vote to keep him in office, so he can make his millionaire buddies into billionaires, at your expense. Do you have your assault weapons back? Is abortion still legal and safe? Give it up! This is class war. These rich assholes want to pull an Enron with the whole country. Smoke and mirrors! It isn't even fuzzy math! It's smeared math, designed to make the gullible think these people actually care about the little guy, when all they want is to rape the land and hog the profits. Daschle for President!

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