Saturday, December 29, 2001

"The federal government should consider aviation security as a national security issue, and provide substantial funding for capital improvements.  The Commission believes that terrorist attacks on civilian aviation are directed towards the United States, and that there should be an ongoing federal commitment to reducing the threats that they pose." -- Gore Commission final report, February 12, 1997

When the Clinton administration tried to pass legislation that would have done what the Gore commission recommended, the Republican controlled congress refused to pass it. They said the $8 billion or so was too expensive. Would one of you Falwell lovers please explain to me why this happened. Better yet, explain it to any of the widows or orphans of 9/11. You bastards should be strapped to the front of a truck and crashed into the next KKK/Skinhead/NRA/Republican convention. Having a lot less of you cheap, greedy bastards around would make this world a better place. While you're explaining your cheap disregard for human life, please explain why Pennsylvania Ave. is still closed. It was in the Republican Party Platform that the street would be reopened. In fact, you pukes called Clinton a coward for closing it (on the recommendation of the Secret Service). Now you chicken shits have decided to keep it closed. Hmmm... How's that crow taste? And while you were calling Clinton a coward, blabbing on about Penn. Ave., here's what the Democrats put in their platform about terrorism:
"Battling Terrorism. Whether terrorism is sponsored by a foreign nation or inspired by a single fanatic individual, such as Osama Bin Laden, Forward Engagement requires trying to disrupt terrorist networks, even before they are ready to attack.

"We must improve coordination internationally and domestically to share intelligence and develop operational plans. We must continue the comprehensive approach that has resulted in the development of a national counter-terrorism strategy involving all arms and levels of our government.

"We must continue to target terrorist finances, break up support cells, and disrupt training. And we must close avenues of cyber-attack by improving the security of the Internet and the computers upon which our digital economy exists.

"As President, Al Gore will tolerate no attack against American interests at home or abroad: terrorists must know that if they attack America, we will never forget. We will scour the world to hunt them down and bring them to justice."
Gee. I wonder where W's strategists and speech writers are getting their material? So, all you dittoheads out there call Rush and ask him what to think about that. Then let me know, OK? Because I can't hear that blob. His blubberings fall on deaf ears here.

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