Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Annihilation Offense

Still got your guns? Still illegal?
"Yesterday we had to get rid of our guns. Today we gotta grant amnesty... They're running the no-huddle offense on us. We don't even have time to catch our breath. They're running play after play after play."--Rush Limbaugh

So, then, we can all agree that Rush is a liar? So is Speaker Boehner when he says Obama wants to annihilate the GOP. Because if running a 32 Dive on 3rd and 10, in the third quarter of a tie game means we've got you on your heels and moving backwards, then either you don't know football, or you're just lying. And anyone who listened to Wayne LaPierre before congress knows damn well the right wing will never be out of breath.

I'll be surprised if the Republican house passes any kind of sensible regulations on deadly high speed metal. We're talking tea-baggers, here--they want a Randian Autotopia of Mad Max cars with a mounted 50 cal machine guns, Praise the Lord.

It's just not the same without Sarah "Blood Libel" Palin being paid to whine about all this. Rush is getting lonely, Fox's ratings have fallen through the floor, and even sociopaths are getting sick of Glenn Beck. Isn't it time for Ted "Pants Crapper" Nugent to say something excrutiatingly stupid? Oh, right, he's supposed to be dead, or in prison by now.

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Scott Supak said...

And we have a winner! A GOP Senator (!) steps up to the plate!

"I think video games is a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people." -- Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)