Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What's Worse, They Curse

George Carlin would fucking love this shit.--SS

What's Worse, They Curse:

This Townhall column by Laurita Doan is the fucking shit. I mean, holy FUCK is it fucking great. I fucking agree with ever single fucking word in this motherfucker.

Americans seem to have become accustomed to the casual use of the “F” word, with celebrities tracking, proudly, the number of times they “drop the “f” bomb” in public. The frequent use of the “f” word has coarsened our public discourse. But, many of our most emblematic American values, the very characteristics that shape our national character and contribute to American exceptionalism, have been given a bad rep by liberals because they, too, are “F” words.

As George Washington his own fucking self would have fucking said, fuck yeah.

Freedom from an overly intrusive government that thinks that only government knows what is best for Americans. Democrats prefer to support over-expansive government intrusiveness in the lives of all Americans, and over-regulation of our industries that is stifling American competitiveness.

Too fucking right. It was over-fucking-regulation of fucking credit fucking defaults that fucking destroyed the fucking economy and threw people out of fucking work. I mean, fuck!

Faith, the belief that something exists that is greater than we. The acknowledgement that, regardless of the religious diversity that currently exists in our country, we were founded as an essentially Judeo-Christian society, so much so, that we have no qualms about putting “In God we Trust” on our nation’s money is a concept which Democrats seem to abhor and Republicans embrace.

Because as The Mothafuckin Son of God said, "put my fucking pops name on your money, bitch, or you motherfuckers hate fucking ME."

Go read the whole fucking thing.

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