Friday, September 23, 2011

If I Were a Rich Man

The rent is too damn high.

The share of renters paying 30% or more of their household income on housing costs — the government threshold to determine if housing is unaffordable — rose to 53% last year from 51.5% in 2009 and about 50% in 2008, according to 2010 Census data released today.

If the market is so damn efficient, then why isn't some wealthy REIT-type company buying up all these cheap, foreclosed houses, fixing them up, hiring superintendents to maintain them, and renting them? They could lock in very low long-term interest rates on mortgages, immediately start making profit, and have a long-term land speculation investment to boot.

I guess if the invisible hand of the market is really God, as Republicans seem to think, then God doesn't want people to have affordable housing.

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J.D. Wolfe said...

Great post! The so called "Job Creators" who are supposed to be trickling down their wealth upon us, have will not even create jobs: as their title suggests. They certainly will not involve themselves in something as risky as providing people with shelter: even if it does seem like the right thing to do.
I am pleased to see the phrasing "The rent is too damn high". I always thought that it was a valuable message concerning the plight of the people who are uninsured. Unfortunately, it was quickly turned into a joke and dismissed.