Sunday, January 30, 2011

Roger Stockham, would be terrorist

Here's a VFW page supposedly made by Roger Stockham, who was just arrested with a trunk full of fireworks after threatening to blow up a mosque in Michigan. He allegedly has a history of anti-government sentiment.

in reference to:

"Born in Pasadena,CA; raised in Palos Verdes at a little community called Portuguese Bend Club; PV class of 65; typical surfer, did a lot of snow and water skiing, sailing, go cart racing; dad an architect, mom a decorator; joined the army in Dec 65, Engineer OCS, helicopter flight school, got married at 19, went to Nam March of 68, based in Pleiku, flew Huey slicks with an assault helicopter company, saw a lot of action, got a lot of air medals, but not much else"
- roger stockham - VFW Post 5477 (view on Google Sidewiki)

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