Friday, November 05, 2010

The Most Historic Election

"When you have the most historic election in over 60-70 years, you would think that the other party would understand that the American people have clearly repudiated the policies that they put forward the last two years."--John Boehner

This is more proof that Republicans are delusional. The most historic election in the last 60-70 years put a black man in the White House and large, productive majorities of Democrats in the House and Senate. A bunch of hicks showing up in larger numbers for a mid-term isn't even close in historical significance. Hell, they couldn't even take the Senate!

The only thing that this proves is what I've always known: Americans are lousy drivers. Once they get going at a pretty good pace to actually move this old jalopy down the road, they tap the breaks. Now that they've slowed down, they'll have a chance to smell the stench of Republican asbestos pads wearing down, and the'll hit the gas again in two years.

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