Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Clowns to the Right of Me!

Got a great letter from an old friend (aka Sargent PSOPS) the other day...

I went to the Berlin Contemporary art museum today.  The had a retrospective of artist Bruce Nauman.   I'll call his work non traditional.  I arrived at the museum just in time for a tour in English.  Included in the group  were some 12th grade art students from an English language school.  They were a cross section, Asian, Muslim, German, etc.
One of the artists "events" was a 20 x20 dark room with videos of clowns.  Each end had a projected large image, wall 3 had 4 video screens, the 4th wall was the audience.  One of the projected clowns was talking loudly and unintelligibly except one word could be heard repeated over and over.  I don't remember the word, it is unimportant.  The tite of the installation event was "torture of the clowns."
When we stepped out to discuss what we had seen I offered that if done today the artist might have called it Fox News Channel.
They got it.  12th graders know that Fox news blabs and blabs with constant throwing in of one intelligible word which propagandizes the audience.  Words like, Muslim, socialist, not legally born, abortion, or whatever the propaganda  buzzword of the day is that corporate elites hand down.
12th graders here better understand the propagandizing of American better than many Americans.  Maybe they are equally propagandized by the same elites.
And that is the way it is in the 2010 election cycle.

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