Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Addiction Treatment Blog

My friends at Reelizations Media have started a blog about addiction treatment. If you are involved in addiction treatment, you'll find this to be a helpful blog where addiction treatment professionals share thoughts, frustrations,  challenges and strategies. Today's post on thereapuetic communities explores why some are dying out, while others are thriving.

Just what is Reelizations Media? From their home page:
Reelizations Media provides video resources for drug abuse intervention and addiction treatment and education. Our videos and other addiction educational resources help alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation counselors, life skills coaches, clinical directors, therapists, social workers, and psychologists who work in hospitals, prisons, jails, correctional institutions, drug treatment centers, halfway houses, shelters, mental health centers, county governments, community centers, and addiction treatment programs.
Reelizations has a huge video catalog of addiction treatment videos covering all kinds of addictions from drugs to gambling. They also specialize in prisoner re-entry education, women's issues, work readiness, and life skills. If you're involved in these fields, please check out the new Reelizations Blog, Addiction Treatment Central, and join in the discussion!

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