Friday, December 11, 2009

The Most Important Photograph Ever Taken

Look through space and time and see what the universe looked like 14 billion years ago, via the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. All you creationists can keep your heads in the sand for this one. Those of you interested in facts might want to download the high-resolution version of the photograph. It makes great desktop wallpaper.


Mikro said...

Very impressive! But what is there when we can see no further, when it all turns to black?
And I thought the speed of light was absolute. Can those galaxies really be travelling faster or is just that they appear to?

Scott Supak said...

I'm no physicist, but I think if we keep looking deeper, eventually we see the beginning of the universe, or the big bank itself. Maybe just seconds after.

As for the speed, well, I think the idea is that they are moving away AND space is expanding... Or something like that.