Thursday, September 03, 2009

MJ on the Soul Train 25th Anniversary Show

In response to a friend's question about my last post, regarding Michael Jackson's need for lots of low end extra sub-woofers while he's working, here's the actual performance. During that same show, BB King and Eric Clapton played together. BB was a friend of my Dad's, and he knew me, so I told him that I was a life-long fan of Eric Clapton, so he introduced me. Clapton says, "So BB tells me you've never had a chance to see me play." I'm paraphrasing here... I said, no, but I did drive ten hours to Austin Texas once for a show, and you canceled. He looked embarrassed and said how "sick" he was back then, and apologized. That was cool.

Anyway, here's the Michael Jackson performance on that Soul Train 25th anniversary show.

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