Monday, February 23, 2009

Internet Marketing with Bald Mt. Press

Am I a blogging fool? Well, in the best sense of the word, yes. I started this blog back in 2001, before 9/11, in fact, so I've been blogging longer than most. In a kind of effort to learn as much about different blogging platforms as possible, I started little blogs here and there: testing the systems, seeing how much Google PageRank a new blog could get, and how much linking power those particular blogs would have in boosting the sites to which they linked.

In the process, I watered down a lot of good information that I had written. Little bits and pieces of important internet marketing information were scattered in the wind. More than once a blog would get wiped out by some administrative maneuver on the host's part, and I'd have to re-post everything from back up, when it wasn't lost completely.

So, I started looking for a basket to put all my internet marketing eggs in: a central blog for my company that would handle all aspects of my internet marketing business. Clients and potential clients would only need to go to one place to see a whole host of information about internet marketing and what I can do to help their businesses.

So, here it is: Internet Marketing with Bald Mt. Press. Good reading.

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