Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Will Tony Snow Do the Right Thing?

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Isn't it ironic that a mouthpiece for the people who deny natural medicine (marijuana) to patients whose doctors have recommended it now might need that very medicine? Isn't it ironic that the mouth piece for the people who fought the Death with Dignity Act, passed by the good people of Oregon, now might want to move to Oregon for a peaceful, dignified death, rather than a painful, horrific one in an over-priced hospital bed?

See, those Republican policy positions DO have something to do with cancer, and suffering, and pain. Specifically, it has to do with all the people, including cancer patients, who have been told by this administration that they should just suffer because pot is BAD, and they should just die an agonizing death, because Euthenasia is BAD.

Yeah, not just coincidental. IRONIC.

And, frankly, maybe just a little Karmic. Because Tony Snow didn't just wish suffering on terminally ill patients, he promoted policy positions that ACTUALLY CAUSED SUFFERING for those patients.

Big difference.

Republicans often like to say that our soldiers have died for a worthy cause. Well, here's a chance for a big name Republican to do something worthwhile with what's left of his life.

He should come out in favor of medicinal marijuana and euthanasia. He should publicly renounce Republican positions on medical marijuana and euthanasia. He should apologize to all the patients who have suffered because of this administration's Dark Ages views on medicine and science (from stem cells to big pharma run FDA to poor or no health care for millions).

I'm not trying to say that Snow deserves this because he helped start a war where millions have suffered and hundreds of thousands have died? That's up to the Karma Gods. But I will say, that when it comes to policy decisions ON THIS EXACT POINT, then, yes, it looks like there's some Karma here.

What will Tony say if his doctor prescribes pot? What will Tony say about euthanasia when he's in horrific pain near the end of his life? Will Tony continue to parrot the party talking points on these issues when he's in pain and dying an agonizing death?

That's up to Tony. Do I care? Hell, yes. Because I don't want Tony Snow to suffer. I don't want anyone to suffer. I want them to learn. I want them to admit they were wrong. I want them to apologize to all the people whose suffering they have caused or intensified.

I want them to wake up and join the 21st Century! And if something like this is what it takes to get the Republican Party's head out of its ass on these issues, then Tony Snow's illness won't have been as big a waste as what we've lost in Iraq.


davboz said...

I barely have to actually READ your post to know you are a complete fucked-up,prick jackass!
I did not and you are!

Supak said...

Who's the fucked up jackass? Me, or someone who denies medicine to people that could ease their pain?

Who's the jackass, me or someone who says you should have to suffer and die without the option of death with dignity?


Maybe you should have read the post, dumbass. And you don't even have the balls to put contact info up, chicken shit.