Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Report has 'smoking gun' on climate

AP science writer Seth Borenstein has a story out today about a report that is a 'smoking gun' on climate.
"The smoking gun is definitely lying on the table as we speak," said top U.S. climate scientist Jerry Mahlman, who reviewed all 1,600 pages of the first segment of a giant four-part report. "The evidence ... is compelling."

Andrew Weaver, a Canadian climate scientist and study co-author, went even further: "This isn't a smoking gun; climate is a batallion of intergalactic smoking missiles."
This is why I banned a wing nut called Caniac over at Questions for Christians. At first I let him spew his anti-science bullshit, but as it went on and got worse (he said he was sure I was the devil), I realized that he was so far out there that reason couldn't reach him. At that point, what's the point. Just a waste of time to read what he has to say, and an even bigger waste of time to try to convince him that what he and his oil company sponsored friends that not only are the wrong, but their continued denials of the problem are criminal.

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