Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Drug Abuse Intervention Addiction Treatment Videos

An old search engine optimization client of mine, Diane Colello, of Reelizations Media, contacted me recently to say she'd finally had her web site redesigned and needed to have it optimized again. I took a look at the tangled web of PHP her designer had created, contacted my programmer friend Jeff, and we agreed to tackle the job.

Now she has one smokin' site, full of optimized information about her many drug abuse treatment addiction education videos. If you know any alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation counselors, life skills coaches, clinical directors, therapists, social workers, or psychologists who deal with addiction treatment, please tell them about Reelizations.com!


Sam said...

There are different methods employed for the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction. But it’s not necessary that the method that is used for some patient must be successful for another. So the programs are designed for individual patient based upon its illness.

Jothi said...


This is a very useful information for recovery from any addiction. Must check this out...!!! Thank u



Addiction treatment and recovery resources for the addict and their families.


smith said...

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