Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Apologies to Texas Democrats

Both of you. But I can't explain how great it is to have the most blue collar team, from one of the Bluest states, home of Barack Obama, kick the ass of the team from the mother of all red states in 4 games. A shutout. With the redest of president's parents there.

Hats off to the Chicago White Sox, from the immigrant, multi-ethnic, multi-colored neighborhoods of South Chicago, who beat the Texas energy-pollution capital of the world, Houston--home of Enron and Oil companies run by the ultra-wealthy friends of Bush.

Well, fuck them. Fuck the Bushes. Fuck Tom DeLay and all the rich rednecks in the Houston suburb of Sugarland. Fuck Kay Hutchinson. Fuck Rick Perry. They've been shipping shit and pollution to the rest of the world for years, and they thought they couldn't lose. The team run by a 41 year-old Venezuelan just kicked their team's ass in a sweep of epic proportions, fueled by the kind of heart and drive that makes baseball the great game that it is.

Sweeping generalizations, sure. Are there Republicans on the south side of Chicago? Of course. But the symbolism couldn't be more fitting for the times. Considering the problems of the Texas-based junta that has seriously fucked up entire world in 5 long years, this is that final symbolic straw that broke the pipeline's back. Maybe some humble pie will get Texas back on track. Hell, maybe they'll even re-elect Ann Richards.


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cory said...

Ouch! I know you opened with a disclaimer, but I feel obligated to set you straight. First of all, Sugar Land is a very multi-cultural working class suburb (and it grows increasingly so by the day.) There are a few grandiose developments out that direction, but for the most part, it's strictly middle class and there are plenty of people there that don't like DeLay, believe me. In fact, there are plenty of Democrats in Houston, too, including our mayor, Bill White, who was just re-elected. We even have our own Pacifica station here (KPFT 90.1). True, Texas is a red state, but please keep in mind that the urban areas are decidely democratic, and the oil fatcats are a relatively small percentage of the population of Houston. Your self professed sweeping generalizations are about as ignorant as me saying that people living in the North Shore are a fair representation of the political climate in Chicago. As a Houstonian who is married to a life long White Sox fan (who is white, middle class, and grew up in Northbrook, by the way) I've been to games at Comiskey Park, US Cellular field, the Astrodome, and Minute Maid Park, and about the only difference I can find amongst the fans is their regional accent (yes, Midwestern folks have them, too). Oh, and there were usually a lot more people at the Astros games, but I guess that's going to change.... Why don't you just go back to picking on the Cubs instead of spewing venom at a city you are obviously not well acquainted with? Look, I'm a liberal and a Barak Obama fan, too, but I think it's ridiculous to make a freakin' baseball team your whipping boy, and I think a certain White Sox center fielder from the Lone Star State might agree. Thanks for hearing me out!