Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Love the War? Just Supporting Your Country?

All you war lovers who are "Just supporting my country," as my step-mother said to me as justification for supporting the war, should take a good long look at this page. When you're done, and you've read all the quotes from American GI's who we're all supposed to support, and you've carefully looked at all the pictures, let me know if you're still going to support your country. Let me know if you still love our war of "liberation." Let me know about the flowers they're throwing at our feet. Let me know how we're not doing the recruiting for Al Qaida as a result of our "just" war. Tell me how much Bush is going to spend on shrinks for all these young guys we sent over there to be baby killers. Tell me how the US isn't going to have problems from hundreds of thousands of men and women who've learned that force and murder is the best, and first, way to solve your problems. Let's talk about how many bullies, rapist, and murderers we've positively reinforced.

Yesterday at work one of the bosses who actually hates Bush said we should Napalm the whole fucking country of Iraq because they're all shooting at us. This is usually talk that I only hear from Limbaugh Republicans, which this guy would be if he weren't a union voter. I told him he was just wrong. Pissed him off, I think, but I don't know how an otherwise decent guy could think such things. It's really confusing. I'd get him to look at this page of American murder and war crimes, but he won't. He's too sure he's right. Like Bush. And we're supposed to think that this hard-headedness is a good trait, making Bush vote-worthy?

I've had it with anyone who supports this war. Even members of my own family. And people who say that because I don't support this war, I don't support the troops. The only troops I don't support are the ones committing war crimes. So, blanket statements like "Support the Troops" certainly lose meaning when some of the troops are war criminals. Support the Moral Troops would be a much better sticker.

I'll vote for Kerry because I think in the long run he has a better chance of internationalizing the Iraq occupation. And I think as a former soldier, he's more likely to think twice before sending our boys anywhere to kill children. He's also great on the environment. But I sure hope he's learned something from Howard Dean, who figured out Bush was lying about WMDs without being a Senator. Kerry should have figured it out too, and voted no on Bush's blank check.

Anti-war Americans are the ones who are truly supporting out country. We took an unpopular stance from the get-go. Now we're in the majority. I hope the rest of us figure it out before November Second.

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