Monday, February 16, 2004

We Know What W Was Doing

Lines. That's right. George W Bush requested his transfer to a non-flying assignment in the Air National Guard at the same time they started random drug testing. Bush has admitted that he hasn't done drugs since 1974, so that means he was doing them before then. As this story documents, plenty of people saw George at Blount's campaign, performing dirty tricks on the opponent (gutter politics). They also remember him bragging about drinking and driving a Yale and having the cops let him go when they found out who he was. They remember him bragging about how much beer and whiskey he drank. And they remember doing lines in the bathroom.

We can all figure this out. It's pretty obvious that Dubya was drinking and doing drugs, knew he wouldn't pass the drug test and/or physical to keep frying, so he ducked out. He was snorting blow, drinking whiskey, smoking dope, and he got a big, fat, pass because he was privilaged. Now he's lying about it. This is not something we should drop. This goes to the credibility gap. I don't care what he did back then. I care that he's still lying about it now.

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