Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Bush's Resume

I love the last one, that the Carlyle Group has been put in charge of Post-Iraq-war revenues. These guy are so blatant that I really hope they get a few thousand extra degrees in hell. I particularly like Kelley Kramer's intro, where she mentions the argument I've been hearing that Bush is not as bad as Saddam. Now there's a doozy, and even Arianna Huffington said Bush wasn't that bad. But, I'd like to make one comparison. Saddam killed the people in his opposition. Now, Paul Wellstone's unsolved death aside, I'd like to point out that Bush's opposition is Democrats, or liberals, and that most poor people vote for Democrats, and that under Bush's environmental disasters like not funding super-fund, many poor people will get cancers and other ailments and die. Yes, they will die sooner because of Bush. So, in terms of pure numbers of people who did not vote for him, Bush is killing more of the opposition than Saddam. And considering that his right-wing-nut Ashcroft administration won't let people with cancer smoke pot for their pain, I can make the argument that he's torturing them too....

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