Friday, April 11, 2003

Republican Fundraiser is Chinese Double Agent

While she was spying for the Chinese, Katrina Leung was paid about $1.7 million by the FBI to spy on China.
Senior law enforcement officials say Leung, who became a prominent fundraiser for the Republican Party, was never questioned seriously before Mueller's order was issued [in late 2001].
What are the chances that, like they did when they told John O'Neill to stop investigating the Bin Ladens, the Bush administration told the FBI not to investigate someone who was raising a bunch of money for them? After all, Republicans don't "investigate" their donors unless they crumble to pieces, taking their employees life saving with them. Nope. Instead they give them billion dollar contracts to rebuild what they just got rich blowing up, without bidding... Halliburton. Enron. Katrina Leung. And, sadly, not enough people will care in the swing states to stop this guy from getting another four years.

Unless, perhaps, Democrats do as Howard Dean suggests and give up on most gun control for the sake of beating Bush.

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